Hip-hop beauty Eve is starting to feel the pressure of her success - with her lunch of her fashion line, new sitcom, album and movie all in the works at the same time.

The SATISFACTION rapper's eponymous sitcom hits American TV screens on 15 September (03), her FETISH clothing line debuts on 27 September (03) and she's finishing up filming on Ice Cube's flick BARBERSHOP 2.

She says, "I'm under a tremendous amount of pressure right now with everything I've got going on. I love what I do, but lately all it seems like I do is work, work, work."

Eve has been busy in Los Angeles on her show and once cameras stop rolling on the series, she flies off to Chicago, Illinois, to continue work on the movie.

The 24-year-old star, who recently wrapped filming on the independent drama THE WOODMSAN alongside Kevin Bacon and Mos Def, continues, "I'm scheduled some studio time to begin work on a new album."

But Eve plans to put her feet up at the end of the year and get some much-deserved rest.

She says, "I'm looking forward to taking at least a couple of weeks off at Christmas. I'm not going to do anything but watch movies, chill out and maybe shop just a little."

27/08/2003 21:14