Sexy rapper Eve gave a fan more than he bargained for while promoting her new movie BARBERSHOP 2: BACK IN BUSINESS - a diabolical haircut.

The 25-year-old Pennsylvania native visited the New York studios of MTV chart show TRL yesterday (12FEB04), where she admitted she'd only given one real-life haircut in her whole life - unlike her character in the hit movie.

She said of the haircut, "It wasn't good!"

But Eve's bad styling skills didn't stop her from offering to cut the hair of a nervous fan called MIKE.

While the live studio audience gasped in astonishment as Eve started to shave unsightly patches into his head, she promised, "It's gonna be cute when I've finished!"

The fan was spared the embarrassment of having to display his new haircut to viewers.

15/02/2004 21:10