Rapper/actress Eve has slammed those calling for sexist and misogynistic lyrics in hip-hop to be censored as hypocritical, because they're turning a blind eye to issues such as domestic violence in movies. The 28-year-old agrees some language in rap music can be offensive, but believes hip-hop is being unfairly targetted. She tells MTV News, "I feel like there are so many other (more important) things going on in the world. "I barely say bitch. I do say it. I usually don't say ho. "The N-word, more than anything, holds a negative connotation. It's a word I grew up with and that's a word that's never threatened me and I've never used it in a threatening manner. I feel like if that's a word that's going to be removed, it has to be a movement and we all need to do it at the same time. "I still haven't decided where I stand all the way. "It's not just hip-hop, and that's the thing that makes me mad. Those words have been a part of everyone's vocabulary at some point in everyone's life. Black, white, whatever. Hip-hop, pop, rock. So it makes me mad that the fingers are being pointed at hip-hop for those certain words. "There are movies that come out every year where a woman is being smacked up and beat down by a man. Let's talk about domestic violence. No men will stand up (for that). They want to say, 'I want to take these certain words out of a song.' But a lot of men that are hitting women won't stand up and say, 'You know what? I'm gonna stop hitting my women today.' "That's what we need to be fighting. Stuff like that. There are a lot of different issues."