The Irish actress, who portrayed free-spirited Luna Lovegood in the Potter films, now lives in Los Angeles, where she has adopted the healthy culture.

"I love exercise," she tells the Irish Independent. "That genuinely makes me happy. It's not just an L.A. thing. I go to yoga or a Muay Thai class. I just ran a half-marathon.

"I'm vegan now and I've discovered you can be a lazy vegetarian, but you can't be a lazy vegan. You have to really plan your food if you want to eat healthy.

"Becoming vegan was always something I wanted to do, but I didn't want it to feel unpleasant or like I was depriving myself or sacrificing, which some people do. Someone gave me very good advice about going vegan: crowd out your old habits with new ones, before you start cutting out lots of food, start learning new recipes.

"I always cook in the evenings. I have a real sweet tooth which is kind of my downfall. When I'm travelling, I need to have lots of treats - they don't sell vegan chocolate at airports."

And another part of L.A. life Evanna has adopted is the gay club culture: "I go to too many gay clubs! I'm always in gay clubs because most of my friends here are gay men. I have a boyfriend, so I'm not always out there looking."