Evangeline Lilly "almost died' in a mountaineering accident earlier this year (06), when she slid over a crevice. The Lost actress was climbing the 12,000 foot (3,657 metre) tall Mount Baker in her native Canada with her father when, on the descent, she decided to slide down on her bottom. Speaking on US TV programme The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lilly says, "I had a really scary incident on the mountain which I haven't told the people I love. I almost died on that hike. "I got to the top and I really didn't enjoy the ascent. I actually slid down on my bum most of the way, screaming and hollering. When I was sliding on my butt going down Mount Baker, an active volcano, I slid over a crevice. "My legs went down into the crevice, my upper body flew over a snowbridge that just happened to be there. I was dangling. "I almost died."