LOST star Evangeline Lilly hates the laid-back island lifestyle of Hawaii, where she films hot TV show LOST - because no one has a notion of urgency. The pretty Canadian admits island life really gets her down, especially when she's in a hurry to get somewhere. She explains, "The notion of 'aloha' is really nice when you're a visitor walking on the sidewalk and everyone's cool and going, 'Yay! Aloha!' "But when you're on the road running late for work and everyone's f**king 'Yay! Aloha!' you want to snap! No one understands that there is a passing lane, no one understands there is a speed limit you can exceed." Unfortunately, Lilly's co-stars have fallen foul of the island's strict speed limit laws - her boyfriend Dominic Monaghan and Michelle Rodriguez are among those who have been booked for driving too fast in recent months.