Evangeline Lilly loves quantum physics.

The 38-year-old actress - who stars as Hope van Dyne, otherwise known as the Wasp, in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' - has revealed her unlikely passion for learning about atoms and subatomic particles during a discussion about the Quantum Realm in the new Marvel movie.

Asked whether she's able to explain quantum theory in the Quantum Realm - which is another dimension within the film - Evangeline shared: ''I can actually answer that question because I really love quantum physics and always did, before this ever happened.

''That's one of the reasons I was excited about this. I really dig quantum physics. At one point, we thought the atom was the be all and end all, and that everything ended at the atom because that was the smallest nucleus in the world, but we've actually discovered that the atom is kinetic and that atoms exist in multiple places, at the same time. That was scientifically proven.''

The Hollywood star subsequently explained how the theory related to the new Marvel movie, in which Paul Rudd plays the part of the tiny superhero.

Speaking to Collider, Evangeline continued: ''Once you discover that, then you know that matter is kinetic and matter is displacing, all the time, and if it can be displaced, it can be warped.

''So, if you can warp it, then you can warp size. If you can warp matter, can you warp time? Can you warp reality? Can you warp universes? ''