Goth rockers Evanescence felt right at home when they played at a haunted nightclub recently.

The BRING ME TO LIFE hitmakers took a tour of the spooky American venue before the performance commenced, and singer Amy Lee is sure there were paranormal goings-on in the murky club.

Amy explains, "There's this venue with a swimming pool underneath and above there's a huge ballroom. The basement is all shut down and no one goes down there - there's a rumour that a girl died down there.

"(Guitarist) Ben Moody, my friend BETH and I went down with a security guard who walked us around with his flashlight. There was definitely something down there, you know when you can feel that something isn't right?"

And the supernatural vibe continued right into the band's set.

Amy continues, "When the band went on above, we got excited because they caused vibrations. We knew it was the band , but it was scary. I've heard lots of things about that club, like they've walked in and everything has been moved around."

31/08/2003 10:46