Evanescence rockers Amy Lee and TERRY BALSAMO are working on the finishing touches to their new album, after the guitarist took time out to recover from the stroke he suffered last November (05). Singer Lee confirmed Balsamo's recovery, saying he is "doing really well" and thanking fans for their patience while waiting for the still-untitled album. She says, "We'll be done mixing (the new album) next week! I can hardly believe it, we've been working on this album for so long. "The stuff sounds so good. ... Wow, what a trip this has been. "It's going to be hard to hold this music in all summer. I really want to thank you guys again for being so patient - I know it's gonna be worth it." Balsamo replaced original founder member and lead guitarist Ben Moody after he quit in the band in the middle of a European tour in 2003.