Evanescence rocker Amy Lee had double trouble filming her new music video with wolves - not only do they terrify her but she's allergic to them too. The promo for new single CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE SOBER features the singer battling both the wild creatures and a rogueish man while wearing a red LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD cape. Although she was initially excited by the idea, Lee soon found her nerves kicking in when she confronted the beasts in real life. She tells MTV: "These live wolves came in, and they each had trainers and it was really fun. I thought it was really cool, but then when they came in, they were 150 pounds. "So I was like, 'Wow, if I got on all fours, I'd be about the same size as this huge animal.' But it was me and the wolves in the room, and it was all cool. It was awesome. "My allergies kicked in, but I powered through. And then we shot the scene at the vanity with the Big Bad Wolf coming over my shoulders and trying to seduce me."