Evan Ross thinks setting up an androgynous clothing line would be ''interesting''.

The 'Hunger Games' star is working on a fashion line with his wife Ashlee Simpson, which will feature clothes made for both men and women, and admits his own wardrobe has inspired the idea.

Speaking on The Wendy Williams Show, he said: ''I think it's an interesting thing because I think a lot of the time, it gets put in this whole idea that it's got to be feminine and not feminine or it's too masculine, but most stuff could fit most people.

''I grew up around a lot of women and I can make clothes still feel masculine at the same time as [them being woman's clothes].''

The 26-year-old actor previously admitted him and Ashlee regularly swap their clothes and believes the idea could really work.

He said: ''The truth is - I know it sounds crazy - but we wear a lot of the same clothes... She wears a lot of my pants and certain things and we switch up outfits a lot...

''Well, usually the jackets are the ones that I'm like, 'No that's mine. But we always wear all each other's stuff. I wear her stuff too, so sometimes she's in my full outfit that I wore the day before and I'm in her full outfit so it works out really nice.''