Evan Rachel Wood is convinced she was destined to romance shock rocker Marilyn Manson - because a fortune teller told her all about her tempestuous relationship with the ROCK IS DEAD singer before she'd even met him.
The actress, who has made it a habit to read friends' fortunes, decided to seek out spiritual help two years ago when her love life was in a slump.
She reveals, "She (the numerologist) was like, 'Your whole life is about to change... You're about to go down the first drop on the rollercoaster into a whole 'nother world. So get ready. Somebody's about to come into your life. You're gonna know who it is and you're gonna have to heal them. And it's gonna be a really significant thing in your life.'
"Two months later, my whole life has changed and here is this person."
The odd couple dated until November 2008, when they split. They reunited briefly earlier this year (09).