Evan Rachel Wood didn't know whether to "kiss or punch" Jodie Foster when they met to discuss her role in forthcoming film FLORA PLUM - because she blames the Oscar winner for a childhood trauma.
As a child Wood was pushed to emulate the actress' career, by her mother, who was obsessed with the Oscar winner.
The 21 year old even attended the same schools and learned to speak French - like her mum's idol.
So Wood found meeting Foster in person an odd experience.
She tells the New York Daily News, "I had to sit my mum down one day and look at her and say, 'I'm not Jodie Foster. I'm me, and that's who I'm going to be. Okay?'
"I actually got to sit down with Jodie and I thought, 'Not that this is a bad thing, but you've haunted me my entire life. I don't know whether to kiss you or punch you.' But she was amazing.
"If I could pick anyone to have a conversation with or ask advice from, it would be her. I wept going to sleep the night before, and I wept waiting for her at the restaurant. It was a big deal for me."