Actress Evan Rachel Wood is determined to provide a stable home life for her future children after experiencing the agony of her parents' divorce when she was just nine years old.
The Wrestler star was left "confused" during her childhood when her mother and father broke up, and even though she's currently single following her split from rocker Marilyn Manson last year (10), she's vowed never to divorce the father of her kids even if their marriage isn't working.
Wood tells Britain's Stella magazine, "If I ever have kids, I don't think I would get a divorce. I would come to some kind of agreement with my husband and stick it out. It's just confusing; the routine you've had for your whole life is suddenly thrown completely out of whack.
"Since you're so young nobody is explaining to you what's going on. I get it now that I'm older - stuff happens between people sometimes. It's just a shame."