Evan Rachel Wood feared director Woody Allen was going to fire her from new movie WHATEVER WORKS - after she screwed up her very first scene.
Wood was stunned when she received a handwritten note from the filmmaker asking her to review a copy of the script and leaped at the chance to work with him, despite battling nerves about starring in her first comedy.
And the 21 year old was certain Allen would give her the axe, after he demanded she reshoot her very first scene.
She tells the New York Daily News, "You hear things about what it's like to work with him. You know - he reshoots a lot, that people will get fired if it's not working. That he'll just say, 'This isn't working, I'll recast.'
"Knowing I hadn't done comedy before, I hadn't met him, I hadn't auditioned - the first day I was just convinced I was going to be fired. Sweating. I knew I could do it if I could just keep my nerves under control. But the first scene we shot we ended up reshooting anyway, so you're not going to see it."