Actress Evan Rachel Wood is begging her ACROSS THE UNIVERSE co-star Jim Sturgess to join her in the blockbuster Spider-Man musical - because he's the perfect choice to play a singing Peter Parker.
Wood has reteamed with her Across The Universe director Julie Taymor for the spectacular - and both want Sturgess to sign up.
Wood says, "It's a year commitment... I did the workshop with Jim Sturgess, but he's not sure if he can make that year commitment but we're trying to get him to do it. I want him to do it so bad."
And the actress insists that Spider-Man: The Musical won't be the joke some critics think it will be: "They're taking stuff from the first and second films and some stuff from the comic book and how Spider-Man came to be so there's gonna be a new villain.
"When you first hear the title, Spider-Man, The Musical, you think, 'Oh what's that gonna be like?' The deal was that a man would never sing in spandex on stage, so, rest assured, Spider-Man will never sing in tights, only as Peter Parker. Only Julie Taymor can bring it to that place. She's bringing it to the next level like she did with The Lion King. There's all new flying technology.
"I learned all the songs by Bono and The Edge. I didn't know how they were going to write for the stage but I think it's the best work they've done."