Evan Rachel Wood has blamed THE WRESTLER co-star Mickey Rourke for fuelling reports the odd couple was dating - by kissing her at the film's premiere.
The actress admits she has had a crush on Rourke, who plays her estranged father in the film, for years - and he decided to show his affection with a full on smooch at the film screening.
She tells WENN, "I knew I needed to earn Mickey's respect, which is why we bonded to the point where people thought we were romantically involved.
"But you can blame Mickey for that one. He pulled an Adrien Brody on me at a premiere. I went to kiss his cheek and he turned and kissed my mouth. For a split second 500 cameras went off."
And she admits the pictures really upset her then-boyfriend Marilyn Manson: "He really loved that at the time... I felt bad that he (Manson) had to see all that but it comes with the territory; life goes on."