Actress Evan Rachel Wood struggled to film one scene in new Beatles movie musical ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - because she couldn't stop crying. The teenager admits she was overcome with emotion during the funeral scene in The Beatles musical Across The Universe and couldn't contain her tears. In the scene, her character, Lucy, was mourning the loss of her boyfriend, who returned dead from the Vietnam War - but her tears were for real. She recalls, "I'm standing there hearing The Beatles sing Let It Be, which already moves you, and then right in front of you, live, I was watching these people fold this American flag. "With that song playing and with that image right in front of me, something snapped and I just broke down. "I could not hold the crying in. I was thinking, 'This is happening every day, where a soldier is honoured at a funeral,' and it was probably happening while we were filming that scene, and it just killed me." The actress tells WENN there were more emotional scenes to come - when her brother in the film was drafted to serve in Vietnam. She adds, "I have two older brothers, so I put myself in her position and thought, 'If that happened, it would just kill me.'"