THIRTEEN star Evan Rachel Wood was terrified of singing a John Lennon tune in her untitled new "Beatles musical" because she feared her voice would upset fans of the late rocker. The actress joins the likes of Bono, Eddie Izzard and Joe Cocker in the new JULIE TAYLOR film and admits her singing skills let her down on her big day. She says, "It was horrifying. The first time I had to sing on the set, I was shaking, and my voice was shaking. "There are so many things you have to think about: you have to try to not screw up John Lennon's song, act really dramatically and really well, and get the choreography... right." But the actress soon got the better of her nerves and admits the whole filming experience was wonderful. She adds, "It was the most emotional goodbye ever. Everyone was bawling, and all the cast members got a tattoo to remember the movie."