Evan Rachel Wood thinks Tilda Swinton is "incredibly sexy".

The bisexual actress - who was previously engaged to rocker Marilyn Manson and was recently believed to have rekindled her romance with Jamie Bell - insists people don't have to be conventionally good looking to be attractive as confidence is vital.

She said: "I'm happy with the way I look, but I grew up really skinny and awkward and gawky. You just learn how to work with what you've been given. I look at people I find incredibly sexy, like Tilda Swinton, and it's not the way they look; it's the way they carry themselves and their presence that makes them so attractive."

The 'Ides of March' star also admitted almost everyone she dates is British but she doesn't feel comfortable pursuing a relationship with guys her own age.

The 24-year-old beauty told Live magazine: "There's something about British men that I love. They're very charming and well mannered. I feel comfortable in England. All my friends say to me, 'What is it with you and British people?' Every time I go on a date he's British. I don't have rules about dating guys or girls - I'm open, as I've always been attracted to both sexes.

"I can't date guys my own age - I just can't relate to men in their twenties. Right now 30 is the cut-off."