Actress Evan Rachel Wood has denied she is dating her THE WRESTLER co-star Mickey Rourke - insisting they are just friends.
Internet gossips circulated rumours the 21-year-old was romantically involved with Rourke, 56, after they were spotted out together in Los Angeles on a break from filming.
The pair reportedly became an item on-set of the biopic of 1980s wrestler Randy "Ram" Robinson, in which Wood plays Rourke's on-screen daughter.
But Wood believes she has only been linked to her co-star because of her recent split from shock rocker Marilyn Manson.
She tells, "Spread the word - I'm not dating Mickey Rourke. Everybody thinks we're dating and we're not.
"We are proud of the film we made together and I hope people will focus on the film and not get distracted by any nonsense."