Actress Evan Rachel Wood was so moved by her role in new Beatles tribute movie ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, she marked the end of the film by getting her first tattoo. The THIRTEEN star has had a 'Beatles' tattoo of diamonds, blackbirds and strawberries etched on her ankle. She says, "That movie changed my life. I got a freakin' tattoo on my ankle for the movie. "It's strawberries, where the leaves are in the shape of a blackbird and diamonds for (Beatles song) LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS. "I got to sing BLACKBIRD (in the film) and my (character) name is Lucy in the film, so I got the diamonds. "I kind of always thought I would get a tattoo but I was waiting for something really special. This was a moment in my life I wanted to mark. "I turned 18 and I was living on my own for the first time and I was in New York filming a Beatles musical. I thought it was a good time."