Sexy Latina Eva Mendes was in for a real treat on the set of her new movie GHOST RIDER when co-star Peter Fonda insisted on talking her through his cult classic Easy Rider. Rather than be offended by the fact the actress had never seen the 1969 movie - for which he won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar - Fonda arranged a private on-set screening for the star. Mendes quickly felt proud of the fact she had confessed to not seeing the film when she found herself on a sofa watching the biker classic with the film's CAPTAIN AMERICA character. She says, "We were all hanging out on set, talking about Easy Rider. I was like, 'S**t, I didn't see it. I can't be a part of the conversation. I hate this.' "I finally confessed and said, 'Peter, I'm so sorry, I've never seen Easy Rider. I know that it was a huge deal for American cinema...' "He said, 'You never saw it?' and he got a group of like 10 people together and we all met up at my director's apartment in Melbourne (Australia) and he played the movie for me and he sat next to me and I had a personal commentary by Peter Fonda. "He would sit there and pause it and say, 'Now, in this scene, it was my 27th birthday. JACK (NICHOLSON) and I were up for two days.' It was awesome because he was right there with me. It was one of the coolest moments in my life."