Sexy actress Eva Mendes has Halle Berry to thank for her slimline look after her fellow Revlon spokesperson turned the HITCH star onto her fitness coach. Berry introduced Mendes to trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK when Mendes complained about her fitness levels and her poor diet. The Latina says, "I was not educated about nutrition at all.The last couple of years I have been educating myself, reading a lot, and I have a fantastic trainer, Harley Pasternak, who has written a couple of books that can teach you a lot." And the actress now accepts that she should just try to look healthy, rather than attempt to emulate another body type. Mendes adds, "My vision of a perfect body is a really healthy one. "You have the tall, slender GISELE (BUNDCHEN)-like perfect body. Then you have the Jennifer Lopez perfect body, and then you have the Beyonce perfect body. I appreciate women in all shapes and sizes because we are beautiful creatures."