Sexy Eva Mendes knows why her new Calvin Klein perfume ad caused such a stir - it featured a little "nipple slippage".
Few people have seen the Secret Obsession promo because it was pulled from U.S. TV networks last month (Aug08) before it aired for being too provocative. And Mendes thinks she knows what all the fuss is about.
She says, "I was rolling around in bed for the commercial spot and I had a little situation - one of the girls (breasts) wanted to say hello... Basically, I had a nipple slippage and it made the commercial cut because it was so natural and so beautiful and it was very quick.
"(Yet) the censors wouldn't have me for it (sic) and they pulled it."
The actress admits she's a little upset the sexy ad won't be seen on TV: "We can show guns everywhere and stuff but we can't show a woman's nipple; that's a bit backwards to me."