Hollywood actress Eva Mendes claims kangaroo tail tops the list as the worst thing she has ever eaten. The HITCH star experienced the traditional Aboriginal cuisine while she was in Australia making new movie GHOST RIDER, and was brave enough to try several other jungle delicacies offered to her. She tells British magazine Empire, "I went to the Outback and I met some beautiful Aboriginal women and we went out on a women's day. They said, 'We'll take you and you can share our experience, and you can buy us a beer and some kangaroo tails.' "Funnily enough, you can buy both at gas stations out there. We also had some witchety grubs. They're big, fat worms, basically, that freeze in the branches of trees. "They're gooey and fat and big and they were dessert and the kangaroo tails were the dinner. It was the worst thing I'd ever eaten and the most unusual."