Eva Mendes doesn't want to be defined by her appearance.

The 36-year-old beauty - who has been in a relationship with filmmaker George Augusto since 2002 - admits she isn't afraid to use her sexuality to get ahead, but wishes people would realise she has hidden depths.

She said: "I'm very comfortable with my sexuality and my femininity and I use it, whether it's in a in a film opposite Denzel Washington in 'Training Day' or for a Calvin Klein campaign.

"I'm very proud of those things. I'm very comfortable with myself and my sexuality, but it doesn't define me. I also read books believe it or not."

The star admits she agreed to play the girl-next-door role in new detective comedy 'The Other Guys' - which also stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg - to try and break away from her sexy image.

She told US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "I just want to be known for things other than my sexuality."

The beautiful actress recently admitted she never gets praised for doing nude scenes - because people assume that because she is attractive it's easy to do.

She said: "Nobody has ever said, 'Eva, you're so brave for doing full-frontal nudity.' Just because I'm attractive doesn't mean it's not scary. Why am I not brave?"