Eva Mendes says her mother ''keeps track'' of her private life on Google.

The 39-year-old actress - who is in a two-year relationship with Ryan Gosling - explained her mum checks up on her using Internet search engines, but she is trying to discourage it.

She told the October issue of Lucky magazine: ''The way my mother keeps track of me is looking me up. I say, 'Please, mother, don't Google me!' ''

Eva admitted her mother was concerned after seeing her ''depleted'' appearance in 'The Place Beyond the Pines', but insisted she would ''do anything'' for her art.

She added: ''I'll do anything for a role. For '[The] Place Beyond the Pines', I exercised a lot.

''I wanted my character to feel really depleted. My mum didn't understand why I would want to look that way. She's constantly telling me I'm too skinny.''

One aspect of her life her mother may struggle to keep up to date with is her romance with Ryan, as the star refused to open up their relationship.

She teased: ''You can ask about my boyfriend. I just won't answer.''