Hitch star Eva Mendes has No Doubt pleased men the world over by revealing that she is a cheap date.

But the Hitch beauty isn't single and still expects a lot from a man although not from his wallet: "I'm such a cheap date. But I said cheap, not easy. I have high expectations."

The Once Upon A Time In Mexico star joked that for most men, it would probably be easier just to find a less-complicated but costly date saying: "You are probably better off going out with a more expensive date with lower expectations."

And there are also certain requirements for the lovely Eva. The Floridian-born actress, reportedly in a long-term relationship with Peruvian filmmaker George Gargurevich, says she needs a clever bloke: "I need my man to be very intelligent and well read, to make up for what I don't have."

The 32-year-old actress is currently working on two new movies including Ghost Rider, starring alongside Nicolas Cage.

However Eva won't be ditching Hollywood for Harvard anytime according to her: "Hey, I'm sweet and lovable, but I'm not an intellectual, let's face it!"

02/02/2007 08:14:34