Eva Mendes gets her hair cut at Supercuts.

The 45-year-old actress admitted she visits the budget chain ''every once in a while'' when her locks need a trip.

She shared a photo on Instagram of herself in a salon chair with the company name emblazoned on her protective cape and wrote: ''''Ok this is a terrible angle but thought you guys would like to know that yea, I stop into @supercuts every once in awhile. Y que?! (and what?!).(sic)''

This isn't the first time Eva has shown her eye for a bargain as the 'Place Beyond the Pines' star recently recalled the $15 dress she wore to her first-ever Toronto International Film Festival.

Alongside a photo from the event, she wrote on Instagram: ''My first time at TIFF. No stylist. Dressed myself. This vintage dress cost me like $15. My own bag and jewelry.

''I wasn't doing a ''red carpet pose''. No I don't long for that time, I just liked the simplicity of it all.(sic)''

Eva recently revealed she finds her young daughters, Esmeralda, five, and three-year-old Amada - who she has with partner Ryan Gosling - ''inspiring''

because they have a sense of ''freedom'' that means they ''don't care'' what other people think.

She said: ''I find them so inspiring, because they just don't care. They care, in the best way. They'll just be like, 'Can I wear socks on my hands today?' And I'm like, 'Yes, of course you can wear socks on your hands today.' So we make that happen.

''Or they'll get a Halloween costume that we have hanging out and they'll wear that with pyjama pants and a headband, and it's so cool. It's just such a freedom.''