Eva Mendes' fashion pieces are created with motherhood in mind.

The 45-year-old actress - who has daughters Esmeralda, four, and Amada, two, with Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling - is gearing up to launch her line with New York & Company next month, and she has admitted that unless she is on a date night with the 'First Man' actor, she typically dresses down and rocks t-shirts because she gets messy with her girls and they have to change several times throughout the day.

Speaking to People, she said: ''We go through a few outfits a day just because of all the fun stuff [we do] -- we made some homemade Play-Doh the other day.

''I really let them explore whether it's out in the garden or even in our own kitchen.

''I give them a lot of things so they can have sensory play.

''So they're constantly getting dirty, which is how it should be. Lots of T-shirts.''

The range, which features her favourite 70s wrap around-style dresses as well as casual items, was created to be ''easily washable'', ideal for working moms.

The 'Place Beyond the Pines' star explained: ''What New York & Company is so amazing about is they offer fabrics that are easily washable and that you don't have to take to the dry cleaners and not only spend money on but time.

''You just want to be able to clean something.

''The materials we use, the buttons don't fall off if you dry clean them, the hems don't change.

''Everything shrinks at the same rate so you don't get an uneven lining. It's a really great, very specific quality that we have.''

Eva was also inspired by her own mother and Silver Screen Siren Gena Rowlands.

She said: ''When I think of my mom, her whole look wasn't as uptight [in the '70s] as maybe it was in the '60s.

''I look at photos and there's just more relaxed hair going on, bell bottom pants, bold patterns -- and I love bold patterns. So I think I was really inspired by my mom, but also women like Gena Rowlands.''