Eva Mendes always wears something ''emotional'' when she's dressing up.

'The Place Beyond the Pines' beauty discussed some of her past looks on chat show 'The Talk', saying she always tries to include some of her most personal accessories when getting ready for the red carpet.

Looking at a picture of herself at an event, she explained: ''I love a turban, I know I'm like 50 years too late. And they're actually my grandmother's earrings that I wore that night, [who] I never met.

''It was very emotional for me. I always think it's important to wear something which is emotional to you. Everybody always wants to lend you things for these events and stuff and it's all wonderful and you give it back at the end of the night, but I like to have a little emotional piece with me.''

Discussing another of her outfits - a bright yellow dress - she claimed she looked like she was ''going to a sweet 16 party, 20 years too late''.

Eva, 39, has recently launched her first fashion collection for New York & Company, a line of simple, sensible clothes for the everyday woman, and it includes vintage prints picked from Eva's own wardrobe, which is packed with hard-to-find bargains.

She recently said: ''I love a bargain. I'm always shopping at thrift shops. I'll go and buy a $6 dress, then I'll get a coffee, and there's always women who are like, 'Where can I get your dress?' ''