Eva Mendes has asked her ex-boyfriend to look after her current boyfriend's dog.

The 40-year-old actress, who previously dated George Augusto, handed over the mixed-breed pet, also named George, which belongs to her hunky lover Ryan Gosling for him to walk and feed while they are away for work commitments.

Despite Eva spitting from George, he still works for her as an assistant and handles some of her business affairs, but he was reportedly surprised when she asked him to take care of the pooch.

A source told RadarOnline.com: ''She asked him to look after Ryan's dog while the couple travelled.

''George was humiliated when he was suddenly handed a list of instructions about how to take care of the dog by one of Ryan's assistants.

''Only then did he realise that Ryan's dog is also named George!''

According to the source, he didn't want to make a fuss or refuse to look after the dog ''because he's desperate to keep his job with Eva''.

The couple dated for more than 10 years and split shortly before Eva began dating 'Notebook' star Ryan, 33, in 2011.

George has reportedly spoken to Eva about the request since then and asked her not to put him in the same position in future.

The source added: ''He's politely informed Eva that he won't be taking care of 'the other George' ever again!''