Latina actress Eva Mendes loved her role in new movie Out of Time because she got to be glamorous and powerful at the same time.

The Once Upon A Time In Mexico beauty stars opposite Denzel Washington in the thriller, playing a smart Florida detective who attempts to solve a complex double murder.

Eva had thought the role would require her to lose her sex appeal, but after getting to know some real women officers she realised her preconceptions were all wrong.

She grins, "I met up with some female Miami police detectives and it was so refreshing.

"They wore heels, earrings, tight skirts and they were really feminine.

"They were like, 'We're just as smart as the men but we don't have to be all macho to prove it.'"

And Eva's looking forward to another upcoming project as well - in ASK THE DUST, based on JOHN FANTE's 1939 book, she stars opposite Colin Farrell, who plays completely against type.

Eva giggles, "You're gonna laugh, but Colin plays a virgin. It won't be a stretch - I'm sure he can pull it off."

26/09/2003 13:32