Eva Longoria Parker says her husband is great at organising romantic surprises.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star has been married to basketball ace Tony Parker since 2007 and has revealed her sportsman spouse constantly impresses her with great gifts and treats.

She said: "He does great birthdays and great anniversary surprises all the time. We kind of battle it out with surprises."

Eva - who at 35 is seven years older than her husband - also claims marriage has changed the couple's relationship for the better.

She explained to Tatler magazine: "It changes everything. I like the security and the sacredness of marriage. It's a beautiful union. And yeah we're partners in life so you're always thinking of someone else in everything you do."

However, the actress admits their long distance relationship - Tony plays basketball for the San Antonio Spurs, while Eva is based in Hollywood for her work - is not ideal, even though it gives her a chance to catch up on her reading.

She said: "My husband's here (in Los Angeles) now, he's here for three months with me and then he starts his season and that's when I start going back and forth to San Antonio. I'm there every weekend.

"I love planes, I love travelling. It's the only time I get to read - and I have a lot of reading to do."