Eva Longoria has given pop star Jessica Simpson some advice about dating American sportsmen - insisting the blonde star shouldn't be upset by negative reactions from fans. The Desperate Housewives actress - who is married to basketball player Tony Parker - sympathises with Simpson after she was berated by supporters of her boyfriend Tony Romo's football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Simpson began her relationship with Romo at the end of last year (07) and has since been criticised by fans and his teammates for putting their star player off his game. And Longoria claims she experienced the same hostility, but was eventually accepted as Parker's longterm love. She tells People.com, "When I first started dating Tony, I got the same flack, and this was so many years ago that people don't remember. "If he had a bad game, it was my fault, if he got injured, it was my fault, if he had a good game, it wasn't because of me. You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, they kind of get used to you." The actress has also urged sports fans to be more realistic when it comes to players' wives and girlfriends. She adds, "Believe me, they are not thinking of us when they are on the field, particularly Tony Romo, who has 10 linemen coming at him. Do you think that he is really thinking about Jessica the moment that he is about to get sacked?"