DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria has slammed reports suggesting the stars of the show struggle to get along, claiming co-star Nicollette Sheridan helped ensure sure she was accepted by the group. Longoria is the youngest member of the cast and Hollywood veteran Sheridan stepped in to make sure the newcomer didn't receive the same shabby treatment she was subjected to while starring on hit show KNOTS LANDING in the 1980s. She explains, "Nicollette took me aside when we first started and said, 'When I was on Knots Landing, I was the youngest and the hottest, and everyone was mean to me. "Not one person was nice to me on that show. If anybody is ever mean to you on this set, you come to me and tell me, and I'll deal with them.' "She was so determined that I not have that experience of not being welcomed and accepted."