Eva Longoria Parker landed a role on 'Desperate Housewives' because she is "selfish."

The actress - who has played Gabrielle Solis on the comedy drama for seven seasons - explained she arrived for her audition with creator MARC CHERRY without reading the entire script.

She said: "Marc Cherry asked me, 'What did you think of The Script?' So I said, 'You know, I didn't read the script, I just read my parts and I think she's fantastic.' And he said he knew I was Gaby at that moment because that was the most selfish thing to say. That I only read my part. He goes, "Yep, there's our Gaby."

The actress - who shot to fame on US soap opera 'The Young and The Restless' - also revealed her mother was disappointed when she first got the role because couldn't understand why she would ever want to leave daytime TV.

She recalled to Tatler magazine: "You would have thought I was working with Al Pacino. They thought it was the best thing ever. I remember when I got 'Desperate Housewives', my mum was like, 'But it's not on during the day?' She was really upset about it. But I said. 'I think this is better Mum.' "