Eva Longoria PARKER has blamed the magic of special effects for the mysterious disappearance of a tattoo that marked her wedding to basketball star Tony Parker. The actress was photographed last week (ends14Mar08) without her 'VII VII MMVII' tattoo on her wrist. The symbols are the Roman numerals for 7 7 2007, the date she married Parker in Paris, France. Gossips claimed the Desperate Housewives had the tattoo lasered off because she and her sportsman spouse are on the verge of divorcing, following a French model's claims she had an affair with Parker. But Longoria has a much simpler explanation for the confusion - the tattoo was covered by make-up. He representative Rachel Krautkremer says, "The tattoo is not removed. She has to cover it for the show (Desperate Housewives) every day, so the make-up must have still been on her wrist."