DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria landed a part in Jamie Foxx's sexy new video UNPREDICTABLE after her boyfriend called the Oscar-winner to see if there was a chance of her appearing.

Longoria was desperate to play Foxx's love interest in the video but couldn't summon up the courage to ask him directly, so her beau, US basketball hero Tony Parker, made the call on her behalf.

She says, "(Tony and Jamie) get along so great! Tony and Jamie are friends and Tony had called Jamie to ask if I could be in his video."

Longoria hopes that the fact she's coming forward with this information will stop gossips from speculating about a rumoured romance with RAY star Foxx - after she was spotted partying with him at a post-Golden Globe Awards party.

She adds, "(The rumours) couldn't be further from the truth... It's real absurd how things get carried away.

"Jamie had a date that night and we all went out together."