DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria is concerned about the effect fame has on her family - as they are often more upset than she is when a damning story is printed about her.

Longoria, 30, is so desperate to protect her parents from reading lies about her Hollywood lifestyle, she has persuaded them not to believe anything they read.

But as a result, even if she praises her mother in the press, her compliments are simply ignored.

Longoria says, "Fame is a strange thing to embrace, because it affects so many people.

"That's why I hate reading about myself, because whenever the stories are hurtful or mean, it's my mom and dad's feelings that get hurt.

"We have an agreement now whereby she assumes nothing she reads is true.

"Even if I said: 'I have the best mum in the world,' she'll just assume I didn't say it."

23/05/2005 17:49