DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria loves cooking for her boyfriend TONY PARKER so much, she once held up a glamorous photo shoot to scramble eggs for one of his pals.

The sexy actress, who went public with her romance with Parker earlier this year (05), admits that whipping up culinary delights for her man - and whoever else is hungry - is one of her favourite pastimes.

She says, "I love to cook when I'm home in Texas. I cook every meal for Tony, unless we have an appointment.

"I had a photo shoot at my house for a magazine recently and Tony was there along with his brother and his two friends from France. And they're setting up the shot in my bedroom and I had this gorgeous Versace dress on, but I'm running downstairs and asking the guys, 'Does anybody need any breakfast?'

"One of Tony's friends said he would like some eggs. So I'm scrambling eggs in my full hair and make-up and Versace dress and I'm toasting toast and they're saying the shot's ready and I say, 'One second,' and I put the eggs on the plate and then I run back upstairs and lay fabulously on my bed.

"That's the real me: cooking eggs in my Versace dress with full hair and make-up - although when I'm at home I'm usually in warm-ups."