DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria was stunned when her boyfriend cancelled previous commitments and showed up unexpectedly to escort her to the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The star's beau, professional basketball star Tony Parker, was supposed to be preparing for an upcoming game in another city and the actress was planning on attending the 29 January (06) ceremony with only her publicist.

She explains, "Tony surprised me. He had a game in Utah, so I was going with my publicist to the SAG awards.

"I was about to walk out the door and there was Tony in a matching shirt to my dress, and he flew in and surprised me.

"He had a game the next day and he asked the coach if he could surprise me and he said yes. It was so sweet.

"It was so funny because Tony hadn't eaten all day.

"He flew in the morning and got ready in LA and surprised me, so we left for the awards and he was starving, so we stopped at (fast food chain) Subway.

"In my gown and in his (tux) and we ate there!"