Actress Eva Longoria was challenged to show off her skill with a shotgun on US talk show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE Wednesday night (19APR06). The Desperate Housewives actress is starring in THE SENTINEL, where she plays a US secret service agent, and has a reputation as a good shot. Kimmel challenged Longoria saying, "We've been hearing a lot of talk about your shooting ability and we thought we'd put it to the test." The host then revealed a target course featuring bookshelves with ceramic objects lined up and the pair fired paintball guns in a contest to see who had better marksmanship skills. The audience cheered when one of the paintballs popped out of the back of the gun and fell down Longoria's shirt, which she successfully recovered. The star did impress the host with her ability, with Kimmel remarking, "You really are a good shot!"