DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria was so thrilled the first time she had a Brazilian wax, she credits the experience with finally making her a woman.

The 30-year-old actress admits she only underwent the intimate procedure just over four years ago - and she's thrilled with how it's made her feel.

She says, "The first time (I felt like a woman) was when I got a Brazilian wax. I really think that was it. I thought, 'I was missing out on this whole other world before that Brazilian wax.'

"It was when I was 25 or 26. I never waxed or really paid attention to that area. But it came at the right time. It opened the door to a whole new sexual side of me. I felt like Angelina Jolie after the Brazilian wax.

"(Getting in touch with) your inner sex goddess would begin with the Brazilian wax. And try dating a younger man - that's worked for me!"