LATEST: DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Eva Longoria is battling crippling headaches on the set of the second series after she was knocked unconscious by a metal pole while shooting a scene a week ago (17AUG05).

Filming on the hit show is being scheduled around the sexy star as she fights to make a full recovery from the concussion that sent her to hospital.

Co-star Teri Hatcher reveals, "I got a call yesterday, saying she still had a headache and they were going to change the production schedule because they were going to go back and check her out again.

"Then I got a call again that she was actually fine, so she's resting, she's not completely back to her old self, but she's good, they've done all the tests. She just needs to heal a bit more so we're all just letting her do that."

Hatcher admits she's doing what she can to keep her ailing pal's spirits up - by showering her with candy treats.

She explains, "I sent her a hard hat filled with Milky Ways and Snickers and whatever; she eats so much candy this girl!"