Latina beauty Eva Longoria has praised her older Desperate Housewives co-stars for helping her to cope with overnight fame.

The Texan actress, 30, was a relative unknown until she landed the role of bored trophy wife Gabrielle Solis in the hit ABC drama last year (04), unlike her fellow leading co-stars Teri Hatcher, MARCIA CROSS and NICOLETTE SHERIDAN.

And the experienced trio played a vital role in easing Longoria into the celebrity lifestyle.

Longoria says, "They always tell me to be single as long as I can.

"They're also very supportive of my newfound fame - especially Teri, Marcia and Nicolette. They have been there before. There is no competition of wanting to be the star or wanting to break out.

"Nicolette was 18 when she started on Knots Landing and a lot of people were very mean to her. Nicolette asked me to tell her immediately if everyone is ever mean to me. I thought that was very nice of her."

01/04/2005 09:25