Eva Longoria always wears fake eyelashes on the red carpet.

The former 'Desperate Housewives' actress says she has a signature look when it comes to glamorous events so relies on false lashes to enhance her look.

She said: ''My signature red carpet look is a smoky eye with lashes and a nude lip. I always wear false eyelashes on the red carpet - that's been my beauty look since my pageant days.''

However, when she's not working or walking the red carpet, Eva likes nothing better than taking her make-up off and relaxing.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''I would say I'm low maintenance. I wear a lot of TV make-up at work every day, of course, but when I get home I can't wait to wash it off. I wash my face with a cleanser, then do a whole nightly routine with moisturiser, Vitamin C and lip balm. During the day I apply moisturiser and bronzer all over, then mascara - and that's it, I am ready.

''I rarely blow-dry my hair because it is naturally wavy and I can't be bothered, especially if it is raining. I was in New York recently and I looked like a lion by the end of the day. My hair just went, 'Pfoof!' ''