Eva Longoria's main beauty secret is egg white omelettes.

The 'Desperate Housewives' beauty admits she is terrified of plastic surgery and relies on an all natural regime to keep herself looking good.

She said: ''I'm terrified of needles and knives. I saw those Discovery Channel shows with the operations. The sound of the chisel. Agh! No thank you. Egg white omelettes, some exercise and some eye cream is fine for now for me!''

Eva also revealed her mother, sisters and fictional cartoon character Cruella De Vil were her female role models when growing up.

She explained to Britian's OK! magazine: ''My role models growing up were my mom and my sisters. We had one TV with three channels and we never went to the movies. I didn't even know what a movie star was. The first time I saw a film was 'Rambo' and obviously I didn't relate. But I remember seeing '101 Dalmations' and thinking Cruella De Vil was the coolest chick in the entire world.''