Eva Longoria Parker thinks her husband is a "big kid".

The brunette actress - who is married to professional basketball player Tony Parker - has revealed she would "love" to have children with the sports star, but thinks he would be too easy-going on their Offspring as he is a "big kid".

She said: "Tony and I would love to have a family eventually. I'm very close to my own family and I have three sisters so I'd like that for us.

"He'd be a wonderful dad. He wouldn't be a strict father because Tony's like a big kid, so he'd be great fun."

Despite the 'Desperate Housewives' star believing her husband - who is seven years her junior - is childish, she admitted he is more mature than her.

Eva explained: "I always say Tony's more mature than me so we kind of balance out. I don't think of myself as a cougar, but it is an awesome title."